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Multi Striped Turkish Tea Towel


Turkish Hand Towels or Mini Towels

Our Mini Turkish Towels will exceed your expectations from a “mini” towel.

They can be used as Turkish Hand Towel, Dish Towel, Tea Towel, Fitness Towel…

With its unique structure and sturdy ingredient, Turkish Towels can be used in numerous places for different purposes. However, traditional size of Turkish towel may not be handy in some occasions.

This is why we proudly introduce you our Mini Turkish Towels! They have been produced by 100% Premium Turkish Cotton like our regular Turkish Towels. We like to keep in mind all your needs. This is why we know that this product will cover your many daily needs. Buldano Mini Turkish towels are great to use as Turkish hand towel, tea towel, dish towel as well as at the gym.

Buldano Turkish hand towels bring fashion to your kitchens as tea towel or dish towel, complete your bathroom sets as hand towel. Since they are ultra light weight, super absorbent and super durable they are great companions at the gym too.

Mini Turkish towels are thinner than regular mini towels. Hence they take less space. This is why you can carry mini Turkish towels with your travels with ease. When you fold it to pack you will be amazed how tiny space they take in your luggage.

Each of our mini Turkish towels can be pared with our regular Turkish towels or Turkish Towel robes.

Since our mini Turkish towels are produced by 100% Premium Turkish cotton they are very durable and long lasting. They gets soften after each wash. We advice you to wash your mini turkish towel with cold water by hand or very gentle cycle mode of your washing machine to keep it fresh. All of our mini Turkish towels are pre-washed.

All in all, we are very confident that you will fall in love with these ultra light weighted, super absorbent, thin, authentic, hand-woven Mini Turkish Towels...