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Turkish Towel Robes

Buldano robes are lighter than regular robes which are made by same Turkish towel fabric. Turkish towel robes can be used wide range of places not only in bathroom but also at the beach, pool or spa. They are way thinner and lighter than regular towel as well as more durable.

Most of Buldano robes are unisex. They will be great couples’ item but we though your whole family! You must also see kids Turkish robes to complete whole pack! We trust that you will love them! They are adorable!

You will bring never ending fashion sense with our robes as they are extremely absorbent. Since they are made of regular Turkish towel fabric they are thinner than regular robes. That makes them easy to fold and carry with your travel. If you do not like heavy feel of a regular robe than Buldano robes are great fit for you.

Thanks to its authenticity they are fashion never fades. Turkish towel carry more than 600 years of tradition. Turkish towels were most valuable gifts since Ottoman Empire. Now you can have this unique product as robes ; hand printed robes, turkish cotton robes, kimono style robes, short robes and more. 

Since they are produced by 100% Premium Turkish Cotton they are very durable and long lasting. Color hardly fades over the years. After each wash it gets softer. We advice you to wash it with cold water by hand or very slow cycle mode of your washing machine. And hang only and let the air dries it. Hence you will be able to protect its original specifications.

Usually there are two types of Turkish towel robes that we produce: the ones with hoods and without hoods. We believe you will find the right robe according to your fashion taste within our product range.

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