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Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are slender, multi-use towels initially utilized as towels or worn as sarongs in Turkish bath houses and spas. They are customarily created from linen or 100% cotton, and they regularly include fragile bordered detail.

Today, Turkish towels have become a cutting edge way of fashion. Known and commended for their adaptability, they are both improving and practical, and they function admirably in numerous settings, from our homes to the seashore and many other places. A delicate Turkish  towel functions admirably as a seashore towel, a shower time extravagance, an easygoing toss, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

As Turkish towels are impressively more slender than numerous other extravagance shower towel alternatives, they are anything but difficult to pack and easy to go with. They can be used from the pool to the patio and more.

Light Weight

Turkish towels additionally have diverse hand-feel, as they include firmly woven cotton on one side and rich cotton terry on the other. Because of this novel synthesis, these towels keep up unrivaled retentiveness and delicateness while being lightweight.

Buldano Turkish towels are level woven, they're amazingly light and occupy almost no room, making them the ideal travel buddy. Turkish Towels are the perfect bring for your next excursion, you can move them up and they pack flawlessly.

Choice of Celebrities

They're likewise superbly flexible. Obviously, they make astounding rest room towels. Be that as it may, you can simply wear your Turkish Towel as a poolside or beachside wrap. Numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing one along the seashores of St. Tropez and Cannes (think Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro, and Demi Moore). They can be worn around the body like a sarong or pareo, for a chic concealment. It's light and vaporous and feels extraordinary against your skin!

Turkish towels additionally look breathtaking hung over the shoulders on a cool summer evening. Also, they bend over pleasantly as home materials like table linens, couch tosses and even unrehearsed outing covers.

Our textiles are produced using the best Turkish cotton. They're sumptuous, spongy and speedy drying, and keep up their shape and surface flawlessly, considerably after a few washings. Our textiles are Azo Free certified and pre-washed.