Buldano Debuts Turkish Towel Robe Collection

turkish towel robe

New line of Turkish cotton robe collection is high quality and handwoven by artisans in Turkey

OCTOBER 16, 2020 – The team at Buldano has unveiled their highly anticipated new line; the Turkish Cotton Robe.

According to Buldano, the new Turkish Towel Robe Collection was inspired by the requests of their valued customers. Using the input of customers, Buldano designed the Turkish Cotton Robe Collection. The new collection features ocean-inspired elements including cool colors and soft cotton.

turkish towel robe
turkish cotton robe

The new cotton robe collection has just been published on the Buldano website, and customers can now get their first glimpse of the new line.

“Buldano hand-woven, chemical free, pre-washed and super soft Turkish Cotton Robe Collection is what you asked and we designed. We asked your thoughts, and came with designs you would love,” said the team at Buldano.

Buldano specializes in Cotton Robes for individual shoppers around the world, as well as wholesale Turkish towels.

Ahead of holiday season, Buldano is making a splash with their exclusive cotton robe collections. These unique and multipurpose robes can be used at the beach or at home after bathtime, and handwoven premium cotton fabric offer high absorbency and softness. They aren’t like fluffy robes that consumers typically find in department stores; Turkish towel robes feature a texture and shape that is unique to their kind.

Buldano also offers a wholesale Turkish towel robe program that makes it possible for retailers around the world to take advantage of the uniqueness of their cotton robes. Through the wholesale program, stores and sales reps looking for a dynamic opportunity can forge partnerships with the Buldano team.

Buldano creates Turkish cotton robes of a world-class quality, offering products that are handmade by seasoned artisans with only the finest local cotton. The Buldano team has curated a special collection of turkish towel robes that include today’s most fashionable designs and colors, all while delivering a special towel that stands apart from others. Lightweight and stylish, Buldano’s Turkish cotton robes dry faster and take up less space than others.

The team at Buldano is excited to launch their nautical collection as a homage to holiday season and fashion everywhere.

More information can be found at https://buldano.com.

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Buldano offers hand-woven textiles crafted by artisans in Turkey’s Denizli region. Buldano premium textiles stand apart from the competition because of their fine quality, softness, and absorbent qualities.


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